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Scleroderma Manitoba and its Mission

Scleroderma Manitoba, was founded in 1993 by Harriet Carter, who had been diagnosed with scleroderma. Scleroderma Manitoba is an all-volunteer, registered charity created to support patients & their families. Our membership currently includes about 200 patients and their supporters.

Our Mission

Working on several fronts, Scleroderma Manitoba has a three-fold mission:

  • Supporting scleroderma patients by promoting patient outreach and education
  • Raising public awareness and developing information tools for the general public and stakeholders in the medical community
  • Encourage and support leading edge research in Manitoba and Canada

Patient Advocacy

Scleroderma Manitoba advocates for the scleroderma community across the province and is committed to promoting disease awareness and improving the quality of life for all patients. Through advocacy, we aim to raise public awareness and rally support around the issues affecting the scleroderma community (eg. access to medications) to ensure our voice is heard and needs are met by government decision-makers. Scleroderma Manitoba not only serves as a support for scleroderma patients and their families, but also advocates with other associations, such as the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada, for those who are affected by other diseases.

Scleroderma Manitoba provides support to patients

Scleroderma Manitoba helps break the sense of isolation many scleroderma patients experience. Either by email, by phone, or during meetings and activities, it is possible for those affected by the disease to share issues and concerns.

Scleroderma Manitoba can also be found on Facebook and twitter where we post updates about upcoming events and information about living with scleroderma. We also develop and distribute The Bulletin, which features articles about research in Manitoba and other provinces, as well as helpful tips to help patients deal with the disease in their everyday life.

We welcome and encourage written submissions to be shared in this Bulletin and through our social media, about any fundraising or awareness efforts you would like support with in your community. Many people find sharing their scleroderma journey empowering.

Become a volunteer

Raise public awareness and understanding of scleroderma.

Awareness and Fundraising Campaigns

Scleroderma Manitoba organizes a walk in Winnipeg and other campaigns in the Province to raise awareness and funds for research. The more people who know about the disease, the more we may dispel the fears of those affected and help professionals gain a greater understanding of the pathology of scleroderma.

AGM & Educational Conference

In May, we will be having our Annual General Meeting & Conference. If you are interested in joining us at this next year’s fantastic educational experience, we will post the date and place at a later time.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a print magazine published through the support of, and collaboration with, Scleroderma Quebec and Scleroderma Manitoba. It is directed towards people with scleroderma, the general public and health care professionals.

We are reaching out to doctors and health professionals across Manitoba who will receive our publication. Considering that scleroderma is an orphan disease, the number of specialists who receive “The Bulletin” is of great importance to our organization, thereby demonstrating that this tool is used to assess and monitor the initiatives undertaken by Scleroderma Manitoba while keeping the disease in the forefront of people’s hearts and minds.