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Articles and Publications

About Scleroderma in Quebec web-icon-pdf  2018

Winter at last web-icon-pdf  2018

Sexuality and Scleroderma web-icon-pdf  May 2016

Natural Health Products web-icon-pdf  May 2016

Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Scleroderma – related digital ulcers web-icon-pdf  March 2016

Guide for Informal Caregivers web-icon-pdf  March 2016

Pulmonary Hypertension in Scleroderma web-icon-pdf  April 2015

What is scleroderma? web-icon-pdf   November 2011

Health Management Binder web-icon-pdf  September 2011

Dental Care in Scleroderma web-icon-pdf  October 2010