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We have adapted in a changing World 

In light of the situation with COVID-19, Manitoba’s 6th Annual Walk for Scleroderma format has changed.

Scleroderma Manitoba followed the government’s guidelines and did not hold the walk at St Vital Park, as it had been for the previous 5 years. Since it is still very important to raise awareness & funds, we came up with an alternative, a virtual event!

Participants kept your own tally throughout the month and walked at their own pace in a safe setting, all while practicing social distancing.

The fun continued afterwards when everyone shared how they participated, with pictures or videos.



Scleroderma Manitoba

June Awareness Walk results !

Our June 2019 awareness walk was highly successful! Thanks to the generosity of our participants and donors, we raised over $30,000. This success enabled us to contribute $20,000 to the Health Sciences Centre.

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There are currently two major protocols for stem cell transplants, one that involves very high doses of cyclophosphamide while the alternate protocol uses lower doses of cyclophosphamide combined with radiation treatment. It appears the protocol using radiation may be less toxic to the patients and possibly more effective.


The current project we are supporting, led by Dr. David Robinson, is the set up of the more effective protocol to provide a better treatment for scleroderma patients in Manitoba.