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Board of directors

The Board of Directors takes on the responsibility of supporting the scleroderma community across Manitoba. Board members are all volunteers who make their contribution to society a priority amongst the other demands on their lives, whether that is their medical condition, family or work.

Here is our Board of Directors

President Scleroderma Quebec Jo-Ann Lapointe-McKenzie
Jo-Ann Lapointe-McKenzie
Vice President Scleroderma Quebec Vacant
Vice President
Past President Scleroderma Quebec Marion Pacy
Past President
Marion Pacy
Treasurer Scleroderma Quebec Lisa Thiessen
Lisa Thiessen
Secretary Scleroderma Quebec Helen Goerzen
Helen Goerzen
Director | Support Group Coordinator Scleroderma Quebec Jereleen Brydon
Director | Support Group Coordinator
Jereleen Brydon
Director at large Scleroderma Quebec Rob McKenzie
Director at large
Rob McKenzie
Director at large  Scleroderma Quebec Linda Clark
Director at large
Linda Clark