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About the CSRG

The Canadian Scleroderma Research Group (CSRG) was established in 2004 with grants from the CIHR, industry and Canadian patient societies. Fifteen rheumatologists across Canada have, at one time or another, recruited patients into the registry. We now have data on 1753 patients, some with up to 13 years of follow up, and we collect 1543 variables. We initially saw all patients, with both new and established disease, yearly.

However, several years ago, we decided to follow patients up to 10 years of disease duration. This plan was meant to save costs and to focus on the disease during earlier, more informative years. Indeed, early disease has become a new focus for our research cohort.

Researcher profiles

Current research project summaries

Current Ongoing and Future Studies

The following is a list and descriptions of 30 ongoing and future studies, as well as four laboratory projects. This list is ever expanding as the findings of these projects often lead researchers to new and more nuanced questions. The limitations to this research- into better ways to diagnose and treat scleroderma, and improve patient quality of life- are related entirely to the scarcity of funding. Many of these projects are unfunded which in reality means researchers, physicians, and support staff, carry them out without being compensated and on their own time.