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Sjögren’s Syndrome

Symptoms and Treatments

 Treatment Action Most common side effects
Prescription Drugs  


Improves dry mouth symptoms in patients with Sjögren’s Sweating, nausea, shiver, dizziness headache, flushing, urinary frequency, nausea, tiredness, hypertension.


saliva secretion

Soft feces, yellow urine.

Over-the-Counter Products
Dry Mouth:

Mouth Kote Oral Moisturizer®

Biotene Oral Balance
Moisturizing Gel®
Biotene Dry
Mouth Gum®
Biotene Dry
Mouth Toothpaste®
Biotene Dry
Mouth Mouthwash®

Saliva substitute, alleviate dry mouth No significant side effects observed.

Dry eyes:    

Artificial tears®

Provide tear-like lubrication Mild stinging, temporary blurred vision.

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