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Skin Itching (Pruritis) | Dryness

Symptoms and Treatments

To relieve dry itchy skin, it is necessary to moisturize often. Also, the skin must be protected from harsh detergents, hot water, and the cold winter air, all of which will rob moisture from the skin. Using a humidifier in the home during the cold winter heating months to replace much-needed moisture into the air may be helpful. Not everyone will have the same response to every product. A few products may need to be tried until one is found to work for the patient.



Most common side effects

Over-the-Counter Skin Lotions  
Eucerin® moisturizing
creams and lotions
Alpha Keri® bath oil
Aveeno® bath oil & moisturizer
Moisturize skin No significant side effects observed.

Antihistamines (Prescription)

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®)
Hydroxyzine (Atarax®)
Cetirizine (Reactine®)

Block histamine response, thereby decreasing itching Drowsiness, dry mouth.



Reduce inflammation associated with calcinosis Diarrhea


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