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Walk for Scleroderma 2021

Plan to walk VIRTUALLY with us again until June 29th, World Scleroderma Day


Scleroderma Manitoba challenges you to make a difference through active participation!

How can I help?

Here’s how family and friends can make a real difference to the scleroderma patient in your life.


Stepping up your walk participation honours the patient in your life by acknowledging their struggles, their courage, and their fight.

You will help others learn about scleroderma, and you may learn some new things yourself!

Most importantly, you will show your willingness to walk with us each and every day.

“I’m uncomfortable asking…”

We are all uncomfortable asking people for financial donations. But its important to remember that most people are happy to help if they are able, when they know the importance of an issue in your life.

Often people want to help, but do not know how.

Scleroderma Manitoba is preparing a toolbox of information, email templates, and suggested wording to make it easier for you to participate in this important fundraising event.