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Sample scripts and templates for fundraisers


June is our Annual Walk/Run/Ride Fundraiser leading up to

World Scleroderma Day June 29th


Here are samples of scripts you can use to help you be as successful as possible in your fundraising efforts.

Download a Word version here.

Sample emails – invitation to join your team

Suggested subject lines

Help Me raise funds for Scleroderma Research and Patient Support

In Honor of my << family member, friend, etc. >>, Help Me Support Scleroderma Manitoba

June is Scleroderma Awareness Month – Join or Donate to the Scleroderma Manitoba Walk/Move 2023

Script templates

Sharing on social media

We know that it is helpful to make posts on social media, e.g., Facebook, throughout the month to encourage members of your team.

Here are some sample scripts you can use or modify to reflect a more personal message:

Social Media Tips

Make it personal. Mention the weather, what you are doing, who you’re doing it with, how much you are trying to accomplish, and your achievements.

Include a snippet of info about scleroderma. Examples are shown below.

You do not always need to ask for a donation, but you should always include the donation link. (You can just include the donation link at the bottom of the post without a specific request to donate.)

Use the hashtag #sclerombwalk consistently. Otherwise, think up your own silly hashtags!

You don’t have to post daily, but frequent posts really help to raise awareness and give you an opportunity to share small bits of info about this complex disease.

Suggestions for Thank you messages/emails

At the end of the month as the fundraising campaign winds up, it is important to acknowledge those who have helped along the way. Here are some ways to say “Thank you”:


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